How closely do you look at your microplates?

Every well matters.

do-you-look-this-close-at-your-platesEvery well of an Artel Verification Plate has been meticulously characterized so you can get accurate and precise volume measurements for your liquid handlers – every time.

Using a proprietary well-by-well characterization process, we have removed the variability that comes from native differences in molded plastic plates.

We do the work so you don’t have to.

Artel Verification Plates allow you to eliminate the questions related to liquid handling by getting the best measurement possible.

What does this mean for you and your lab?

In a study to investigate variability of plate type, the results show the possibility of significant error contribution depending on the plate chosen:


As a result of the well-by-well plate characterization process, the occurrence of wells that are markedly different from their neighbors has been accounted for and their effects dramatically reduced in the overall MVS volume results. Accounting for these well-by-well differences reduces the overall CV of the MVS results and improves accuracy allowing you to improve assay quality with reliable liquid handling.

Want to learn more about this study?

In this presentation, Dr. Nathaniel Hentz addresses the effect of liquid handling QC on biological assay performance.

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