Volume Verification Using Any Microtiter Plate or Small Volume Container Such as a Tube or Vial


This application note discusses methods for measuring target volumes (10 nL – 200 μL) dispensed into any microtiter plate or small volume container using the Artel MVS® Multichannel Verification System. If a target volume is dispensed into a microtiter plate or small container that cannot be directly inserted into the MVS plate reader, that target volume must be transferred to an MVS-compatible microtiter plate to perform volume measurements. By using multiple Diluent wash, mix, and transfer steps, the target volume can be transferred from the original container or plate to an MVS-compatible test plate. Proof-of-concept testing is shown for target volumes dispensed into various microtiter plates using gravimetrically-calibrated syringes. Additionally, field testing results are shown for a 1-μL DMSO target volume dispensed into three 384-well v-bottom microtiter plates with a 384-channel Biomek FX automated liquid handler.

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