The Importance of Training Programs in the Laboratory

Karlton Podcast

Scientist to Scientist

Scientist to Scientist Karlton Moore, Artel, sat down for a chat with Doreen Rumery, Laboratory Director at Artel, about the importance of developing and implementing a robust and comprehensive training program for employees, who each comes with different skillsets and learning rates. She explains how critical it is to map out a standard strategy to help people see how their contribution fits into the big picture and progress together towards the overall success of the company.

Doreen Rumery

About Doreen

Doreen Rumery, MLT, laboratory director at Artel, is a certified medical laboratory technologist and ASQ certified manager of quality/organizational excellence with more than 40 years in the clinical laboratory and manufacturing industries. Doreen oversees all laboratory activities at Artel, including technical operations, method validation, technician training, and conformance with current regulatory standards.

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