Webinar: Take your Liquid Handler Workflows to the Next Level with Optimization

Take your automated liquid handler optimization to the next level

Title: Take your Liquid Handling Workflows to the Next Level with Optimization

Webinar Description:

Are you conducting PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR or NGS assays?

Do you need to standardize your testing and optimize the performance of your liquid handler to ensure reproducible results? But maybe you don’t have the time or experience to be able to overcome the challenges and improve your assays?

Would you like to standardize your testing and optimize the performance of your liquid handler with a comparable master mix mimic to ensure reproducible results?

As you may know, different liquids have different properties, and depending on their viscosity, density, volatility, etc., that can introduce challenges with your liquid handler and ultimately with your assay. Parameters can be adjusted in your liquid handler to ensure the accuracy and precision of the volumes being dispensed, but DIY methods are time-consuming.

With Artel, you don’t have to operate blindly and waste expensive reagents. The new PCRMix QualAssure solution contains the key PCR master mix components that affect pipetting, and is a tool that you can implement to take your assay optimization to the next level.

Learning Objectives:

(1) Learn how important it is to use a solution that mimics your assay reagents when optimizing your liquid handler
(2) Discover how using the wrong parameters in your liquid handler can lead to errors
(3) Find how you can skip all of the hassle and easily verify liquid delivery volumes for your PCR-based assays and ensure reliable data.


Melinda Gold, PhD
Product Marketing Manager

Melinda Gold is a product manager at Artel and avid liquid handling enthusiast.  Melinda received her BS in Computer Science from Fordham University, MS in Public Health and PhD in Molecular Biology from St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work in Bratislava, Slovakia. After graduating Melinda worked for Eppendorf as a product manager supporting all their liquid handling instruments and consumables. Her education, research and work experience have given her the opportunity and skills to develop and manage technical products that affect life science and public health.