Running MVS Volume Verifications in Batches, Storing Bar Codes, and Creating Task Templates


A Batch method, or Batch template, in MVS Data Manager version 2.2+ is a stored sequence of verification tasks comprising as many devices, plate layouts and volume verifications as needed1. The Batch method can combine commonly used verification procedures into a single method, avoiding the need to step through each phase of one or more verification processes, which is normally governed by the MVS system software in a prompt-by-prompt manner.

Using a Batch method for volume verification is extremely helpful for repetitive testing procedures or when volume checks are performed frequently. A Batch file template can contain one or more of the following: liquid handler ID, plate layout ID (target volumes, number of replicates, and tolerances), plate type, and shaker mixing step. When running a Batch method, the software will prompt the user for any testing detail not written into the Batch file. When information, such as reagent bar codes, is included in the Batch file, the software will use this stored information and not prompt the user for these bar codes, thereby expediting the verification process. A Batch method can be used for aqueous volume verification measurements in 96-well plates (100 nL – 350 µL) or 384-well plates (10 nL – 55 µL) and it is often useful to create a separate Batch method for running the Calibrator and Baseline plates. The Batch manager can be a powerful tool to facilitate the automation of volume verifications on the deck of a liquid handler. A different application note discusses the process of integrating and running Batch methods for automated volume verification tests using the liquid handler’s software2.

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