Reducing Costs by Improving Liquid handling


Lowering costs and reducing repeat testing are common interests in all areas of life science. Removing sources of variability from test processes reduces error leading to rework, lowers risk and increases reliability of results. One likely source of variability, which is easily controlled, is liquid handling. By understanding and optimizing a liquid handler’s performance, the volume transfer may be ruled out as a source of assay variability, allowing laboratories to reduce the amount of time spent on repeat testing and troubleshooting tasks.

A reliable method for measurement of liquid handler performance that is easy to use, requires little training and does not absorb technician time is crucial to efforts for reducing liquid handling variability in assays. The Beckman Coulter Biomek 4000 and the Artel MVS combine expertise in liquid handling and liquid volume measurement needed to provide confidence in liquid handling as part of laboratory processes. This presentation describes the use of the Artel MVS to measure and facilitate the optimization of a Beckman Coulter Biomek 4000 liquid handler in combination with commonly used tools and disposable tips. The results of this study will show that the performance of the Biomek 4000 may be adjusted to meet the specifications set by the manufacturer which allows users to reduce liquid handling variability in their processes.

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