Rapidly Quantifying Dilutions in Microtiter Plates


Dilution-based volume transfer steps are commonly performed for many applications, such as dose response and detection limit testing. Because the exact concentrations of target samples in solution are typically not directly measured but assumed from the dilution ratio used, it is important to accurately measure each dilution step so that the ultimate concentrations of those samples are known. Accurately knowing sample concentration is imperative for properly interpreting the experimental results. Herein, we report research on employing a dual-dye photometric method for determining the accuracy of each step in a dilution process.

This method provides traceable measurements for single or multiple point dilutions to a concentration endpoint ratio of 1:2000 of the starting material. Important experimental hurdles related to proper dilution measurements in microtiter plates, such as proper mixing techniques and liquid handler channel-to-channel reproducibility, are discussed.

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