Rapid Volume Verification in High-Density Microtiter Plates Using Dual-Dye Photometry

The dual-dye photometric technology used by Artel’s MVS Multichannel Verification System overcomes challenges associated with determining the dispensed volume within each well of a 384-well microtiter plate. The MVS volume measurement approach (Bradshaw, J. T.; Knaide, T.; Rogers, A.; Curtis, R. Multichannel verification system (MVS): a dual dye ratiometric photometry system for performance verification of multichannel liquid delivery devices. Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation 2005, 10, 35-42) has been extended to 384-well plates and volumes as low as 30 nL. The measurements collected by the MVS in less than 15 minutes provide both precision and accuracy values per individual channel. The system capabilities enable easy optimization of small-volume dispense protocols to minimize waste of valuable samples.

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