Rapid Verification System for Critical Volume Transfers


Technological advancements over the past decade have led to broad implementation of automated liquid handlers. With these systems, there has been a significant movement toward high-throughput and miniaturization of microtiter plate-based assays. Because high-throughput assays performed within a microtiter plate are volume dependent, the concentrations of biological and chemical components in these assays, as well as the associated dilution protocols, are volume dependent. Therefore, the accuracy and precision of individual volume aspirations and dispenses directly impact assay results. As a result, there is a tremendous need for analytical methodology that can be employed to measure the exact volume dispensed in each well of these plates.

Presently, there are very few methodologies that can quickly and accurately interrogate dispensed volume in individual wells because validation of sub-microliter liquid volumes is an extremely challenging task. The ratiometric photometry approach implemented by the Artel MVS Multichannel Verification System provides a standardized platform for simultaneously measuring both the accuracy and precision of volume delivery into 96-well or 384-well plates for volumes between 0.01 – 200 mL. Such measurements allow for assay integrity and proper interpretation of experimental results. This presentation will discuss the use of the MVS to help understand microtiter plate assay performance as well as many application-driven tasks employing critical volume transfers, including non-aqueous reagent use, dilution protocols, inter-device comparability (device 1 vs. device 2), and tip-to-tip reproducibility within one or more devices.

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