Webinar: Practical Considerations for a Volume Verification Process for Automated Liquid Handlers

Practical Considerations for a Volume Verification Process for Automated Liquid Handlers

Automated liquid handlers have become increasingly popular laboratory equipment, as the workload and number of samples to process skyrocket, and the race to find vaccines and treatments is in full swing. These instruments can indeed increase capacity while freeing up technicians’ time, and show a higher level of accuracy, reproducibility, and traceability than manual execution. However, when they fail or crash down, they leave you with a huge backlog, a stack of previous data to review and redo, and weeks’ worth of time and other resources wasted.

In this webinar, we cover some of the frequent questions around liquid handler management: Why is it important to regularly test lab instruments and put in place a testing plan? What methods are available to test liquid handlers? What to include in the testing? We go over practical considerations on the advantages of checking volume transfer performance for liquid handlers. Talking points are illustrated by examples of testing processes conducted in different types of laboratories with different types of liquid handlers.

What you will learn:

  • The importance and impact of checking liquid handlers’ performance
  • The various methodologies available for performing volume verification testing
  • The different variables to consider when deciding what to test

The webinar is for those who:

  • Want to learn more about liquid handler volume verification and why it is important
  • Work with liquid handlers and/or who might be new to liquid handlers
  • Own or manage liquid handlers
  • Need to test volume transfer performance to better understand liquid handler behavior
  • Strive to improve quality, confidence, and assay results

Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.


John DerentJohn Derent
Global Account Manager

John Derent is currently a Global Account Manager with Artel. His focus is on assisting customers and laboratories with optimizing their liquid handling operations and meeting their productivity goals.

Prior to Artel, John was a Senior Scientist at Janssen (J&J). For 20 years he spent his time automating previously manual processes and developing sample preparation and assay methods utilizing a variety of liquid handlers and automated platforms. He has worked in small and large molecule environments in both the research and GLP areas. He also has extensive experience with software and data management projects as well as integrated automated storage and retrieval systems. For the last three years, John held the position of Chief Business Development Officer at GeNovu, dedicated to connecting labs with software solutions to help them improve their lab automation processes.

John has used Artel technology for more than fifteen years, and with his deep understanding of automation and laboratory operations he is well positioned to help customers get the best possible performance out of their instrumentation and assays.

Keith Albert, PhD
Senior Applications Scientist

Keith J. Albert, PhD, is a Senior Applications Scientist at Artel, and is responsible for automated liquid delivery system performance research, customer education and assay/method validation services. He has spent nearly fifteen years managing and working on various Artel service teams – communicating with many laboratories and scientists about volume transfer performance for their various liquid handling platforms. He applies his expertise and scientific knowledge – in pre- and post-sales support – to help laboratories optimize their liquid delivery processes and maintain compliance. He earned his BA in Chemistry at Colby College and his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry at Tufts University.

Dana Campbell
Senior Applications Scientist

Dana Campbell, M.S., is a Senior Applications Scientist at Artel responsible for the successful delivery of a wide variety of field support and training initiatives. He uses his extensive background in pipetting and automated liquid handling to help laboratories build upon their quality focus and relate to how Artel products and solutions help.

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