Panel Discussion: ISO Standards, Calibrations, and Routine Tests for Liquid Handling Instruments

ISO Standards Panel Discussion

Given the success of the “New and Revised ISO Standards for Manual and Automated Liquid Handling Instruments” webinar presented by Artel, our subject matter experts met again!

During this panel discussion, the latest 2022 revisions to ISO 8655 and the new ISO 23783 series of standards for automated liquid handling instruments were discussed. The panel discussion began by addressing webinar attendees’ questions, and then they reviewed some frequently asked questions from our customers.

Inquiries about handheld pipettes and automated liquid handlers’ regulations often revolve around routine testing, calibration, frequency, numbers of replicates, and uncertainty measurement, and each of these topics was addressed. Finally, the panel discussion ended with a Q&A session, where attendees asked questions, notably about consensus standards and compliance, non-regulated environments, data point requirements, multichannel pipettes and tolerance limits among others.

If you have missed our previous webinar or wish to view it again, you can watch it on-demand here.


Bjoern CarleA. Bjoern Carle, PhD
Scientific Affairs and Applications Manager

Dr. Bjoern Carle is the Scientific Affairs and Applications Manager at Artel and has 15 years of standards development experience.  He serves as chair of ASTM E41.06 for Laboratory Equipment and many other committee leadership roles.  He was project leader for three parts of the ISO 8655 series, and also project leader for ISO IWA 15 and all parts of the new ISO 23783.

John DerentJohn Derent
Global Account Manager

John Derent is a Global Account Manager with Artel. His focus is on assisting customers and laboratories with optimizing their liquid handling operations and meeting their productivity goals. Prior to Artel, John was a Senior Scientist at Janssen (J&J). For 20 years he spent his time automating previously manual processes and developing sample preparation and assay methods utilizing a variety of liquid handlers and automated platforms. He has worked in small and large molecule environments in both the research and GLP areas. John has used Artel technology for more than fifteen years, and with his deep understanding of automation and laboratory operations he is well positioned to help customers get the best possible performance out of their instrumentation and assays.

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