Operators as Sources of Error

Improved Efficiency Through Pipetting Technique Training


Data integrity and confidence  in results are critical measures of a laboratory’s quality system. No matter which tests or assays are performed, robust and trustworthy results must be the highest priority for any laboratory.

Many regulatory bodies have established  guidelines designed to help laboratories  achieve and maintain good quality practices, while providing a sense of confidence in the quality of work performed at an accredited  facility.

Not meeting quality standards  is an expensive  failure for any laboratory.  Questionable and unreliable results may lead to several consequences. In the best case scenario, tests and assays will have to be repeated, incurring labor and material costs, which can be quite substantial.  If questionable or incorrect results have been released, consequences are usually much more severe and costly, and can include misdiagnosis, poor patient outcomes, and significant  legal challenges by affected parties.

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