Executing an MVS Volume Verification of a Tecan EVO Using EVOware Software


This paper describes how to run or call an Artel MVS® Multichannel Verification System volume verification from another program or application. The MVS Data Manager system software application can start a batch operation via a command line switch. The following integration example will be for a Tecan EVO platform using EVOware software. The process for other software platforms would be similar. Of note, on the deck of the Tecan EVO is a Sunrise plate reader, a Tecan orbital mixer (Te-shake), and a robotic arm.

The goal of the MVS integration with the Tecan, in this example, is to produce an automated volume verification. The MVS Sample Solutions are dispensed into a 96-well microtiter plate. The plate is moved by the robotic arm to the shaker. After mixing on the shaker, the robotic arm transports the plate to the Sunrise reader. After the Sunrise reader finishes, the EVOware opens the MVS Data Manager software and “funnels” the measured absorbance values through MVS Data Manager to show, on a well-by-well and tip-by-tip basis, the exact volume values dispensed by the liquid handler. In essence, these volume values can be used for liquid handler optimization and/or defining liquid class settings.

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