Method Validation for Beckman Coulter Liquid Handlers


The use of automated liquid handling equipment to rapidly test and screen targets-of-interest has become an essential component to drug discovery. In order to increase the productivity of high-throughput screening and generate better quality data, it is important to know exactly how the reproducibility and accuracy of each volume transfer step can influence performance, especially for transfer of critical or assay-specific reagents.

The volume verification method, or volume transfer evaluation process, should be standardized, fast, easy to implement, and should minimize instrument downtime and required resources (labor, reagents). Additionally, volume transfer for critical target reagent screening should be compared for all devices within a process. This workshop presentation discusses the use of the Artel MVS Multichannel Verification System for rapidly and accurately assessing liquid handler performance for volumes between 0.1 – 200 µL in a 96-well plate or target volumes between 0.03 – 55 µL in a 384-well plate.

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