Measuring the Accuracy and Precision of the epMotion 5070 Workstation


In response to the need to automate molecular biology methods, automated liquid handling technology has been the focus of extensive research and development. The epMotion 5070 is a new state of the art liquid handling platform. Based on the air cushion piston stroke system, a technology that has been proven for decades, the epMotion is designed to optimize liquid handling requirements. These platforms are not only easy to use, but they reduce contamination and perform with high accuracy and precision over a large volume range (from 1,000 µl down to 1.0 µl).

As automated liquid handling technology advances, the need to ensure quality in a laboratory process has become increasingly important. Knowing the exact volume transferred will help produce accurate and precise analysis of the experiment (i.e., the results can be trusted). Too often, however, the importance of liquid delivery is overlooked. In these situations, imprecise or inaccurate dispensing may not be diagnosed and may lead to a false sense of performance for either the assay or the automated liquid handler.

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