Measuring the Performance of Microplate Dispensers as Part of a Method Scale-up Process


Liquid handling is often an overlooked and underappreciated factor in the success of assay transfer from the bench to automation. Often as part of the scale-up process, intermediate automation is implemented to aid in the transfer process where systems such as BioTek’s MultiFlo Microplate Dispenser are implemented. However, because of the viscous or sticky properties of the liquids commonly transferred by these types of instruments, it is imperative to have the capability of monitoring performance to identify channel build-up and clogs, or even to understand discrepancies in the volume dispensing performance on a channel-by-channel basis.

This poster presentation discusses how the measurement technology from Artel can be used to help laboratories specifically identify and troubleshoot mis-performing channels in microplate dispensers allowing users to save time and avoid costly repetitive testing. As is with any type of liquid delivery device, proper care and maintenance are often required to promote long-term, error-free volume dispensing. The Artel method of measurement goes a step further to generate more inclusive and informative performance measurement answers in a channel-by-channel manner. The use of gold standard measurement technology allows for easy visualization of performance information and allows for optimization, where applicable, of liquid handling instrumentation when assays are transferred to automated platforms.

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