Improving Assay Automation Workflow with Artel PCRMix™ and SerumSub Solutions

Improving Assay Automation


PCR master mix and serum are two common non-ideal solutions used in a variety of essential clinical diagnostic assays, as well as key components used in biomedical research. Due to the unique rheological properties of these solutions, compounded by the absolute need for accurate and precise results of these assays, scientists depend on liquid handling precision and accuracy for both large, and small-scale operations.

Developing an ideal liquid class for these complex solutions can be an arduous process. In many cases, scientists optimize their liquid class settings with the actual test solutions, however, this is problematic due to prohibitive cost, rarity, or resource requirements.  Simply using water or a glycerol mixture to mimic these solutions is not a suitable option. This presentation demonstrates how Artel PCRMix and SerumSub QualAssure™ solutions with liquid handling properties analogous to commonly used PCR master mixes and sera, respectively, are used to help improve automated assay workflows.