Evaluation of the Eppendorf epMotion Pipetting Tools


With budgets forever tightening and patient samples being limited, increased efficiency and reduction of repeat testing has become a common goal of almost all laboratories regardless of their operation. This has led to laboratories introducing automated liquid handling systems to reduce the variability introduced by human operators during manual pipetting steps. The Eppendorf epMotion 5070/5075 is an automated liquid handler equipped with six pipetting tools covering 1-1000 µL – a range that is commonly used in biological laboratories.

To achieve the best performance, single channel pipetting tools with three volume ranges (1-50 µL, 20-300 µL and 40-1000 µL) are used to meet the most rigorous need for accuracy and precision requirement for daily liquid handling. For higher-throughput applications the instrument can be equipped with an 8-channel pipetting head. These pipetting tools are compatible to all epMotion 5070/5075 systems, ensuring universal performance regardless of the specific workstation base.

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