Ethanol Solutions for MVS® Volume Verifications


Ethanol is used in pharmaceutical and other life science laboratories for innumerable experimental protocols. Ethanol is often combined and/or used as an additive in aqueous-based solutions and these solutions are used for many types of experiments. For purposes of this application note, the term ethanol solution is employed to refer to an aqueous sample solution with less than 50% ethanol by volume. Aliquots and target volumes of ethanol solutions are usually transferred to the sample holder or assay test plate using a pipettor, such as a multichannel handheld pipette or an automated liquid handler.In many cases, accurate transfer of the target volumes is vital to the integrity of the assay. More importantly, many laboratories do not have an easy and rapid way to verify the accuracy and precision of the pipetting equipment, especially for complex reagents such as ethanol solutions. Described herein is a method to employ the MVS Multichannel Verification System to measure the volume of ethanol solution transferred from a pipettor under test into a microtiter plate. Much of the information in this document has been explained in detail in reference 1.

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