Environmental Studies Using the Tecan QC Kit and an Automated Liquid Handling System


Liquid handler performance can be optimized by adjusting system operating parameters, but the effect of environmental conditions on liquid handling quality is often underappreciated.

The study described in this poster illustrates the effect of two environmental factors (air temperature and humidity) on the volumetric performance of a Tecan Freedom EVO® pipetting robot, equipped with a liquid LiHa (Liquid Handling Arm). Tecan recommends that the EVO be installed in a controlled environment. However, some users choose to operate in less controlled conditions.

This study uses a two factor design (temperature and humidity) to investigate volumetric performance (precision and trueness) at environmental conditions from 15 °C to 30 °C and 30% to 80% relative humidity. Nine environmental conditions were tested, the mid point, four corner cases and four edge cases. Replicate testing was performed at the mid point and corner cases.

The Tecan QC Kit, which is based on Artel’s ratiometric photometry, was used to make measurements at each set of environmental conditions. The precision (%CV), and trueness (%SE) is reported for each environmental condition using default liquid classes.

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