COVID-19 labs are saving time and ensuring quality


Artel technology is being used by labs developing and running analytical workflows for COVID-19.

Nat Hentz

If you are developing or running COVID-19 analytical workflows for diagnostics, therapeutics or vaccines, or are manufacturing assay kits, find out how Artel can help you save time & improve quality.


There are four main areas Artel technology can be deployed most effectively.

    1. Method and process development (non-regulated)
      • Assay Development
      • Process Development
    2. Method transfer (regulated & non-regulated)
    3. Assay or workflow execution (regulated)
      • Clinical Diagnostic (ISO & CAP-CLIA)
      • Drug Manufacturing QC (GMP)
      • Drug Clinical Development (ISO, CAP-CLIA, GLP)
    4. Manufacturing
      • Reagents
      • Kits
      • Automated Liquid Handlers

How do you benefit?

You can save significant time and costs, while ensuring stringent quality & regulatory standards by optimizing your assay processes.

If you would like more details on how Artel can help you expedite complex method development, and optimize analytical workflows and processes contact us today.