COVID-19 labs are saving time and ensuring quality


Artel technology is being used by labs developing and running analytical workflows for COVID-19.

Nat Hentz

If you are developing or running COVID-19 analytical workflows for diagnostics, therapeutics or vaccines, or are manufacturing assay kits, find out how Artel can help you save time & improve quality.


There are four main areas Artel technology can be deployed most effectively.

    1. Method and process development (non-regulated)
      • Assay Development
      • Process Development
    2. Method transfer (regulated & non-regulated)
    3. Assay or workflow execution (regulated)
      • Clinical Diagnostic (ISO & CAP-CLIA)
      • Drug Manufacturing QC (GMP)
      • Drug Clinical Development (ISO, CAP-CLIA, GLP)
    4. Manufacturing
      • Reagents
      • Kits
      • Automated Liquid Handlers

How do you benefit?

You can save significant time and costs, while ensuring stringent quality & regulatory standards.

If you would like more details on how Artel can help you expedite complex method development, and optimize analytical workflows and processes contact us today.