Automation of Nanoliter Volume Transfers

Doing More With Less


To facilitate the discovery and refinement of lead compounds, our laboratory known as the Facility for Automation and Screening Technology (FAST) serves as a site hub for processing DMSO solutions into custom assay ready plates for Basic Research project teams. FAST integrated an in-house developed Laboratory Information Management System (WP FAST LIMS) with several technology platforms ensuring appropriate compound concentrations and plate formatting while reducing sample processing at the individual level. When used in conjunction with Tecan’s Freedom™ or Hamilton’s MICROLAB® STAR pipetting instrument, operations such as cherry-picking from multiple source containers, single-point dilution and dose titrations are routinely performed.

This poster presentation describes how transforming technologies, such as the incorporation of robotics into a mature nanoliter plate replication and re-formatting process and acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology, have improved conservation of precious compounds, increased reliable walkaway time, and enhanced productivity in the lead optimization phase of drug discovery.

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