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10 Tips To Improve Your Pipetting Technique
The experts at Artel demonstrate, in detail, how your pipetting technique and the performance of your pipette can be significantly improved.
Viscous Poster
Pipetting Viscous Solutions
The Pipetting Viscous Solutions poster provides guidance on pipetting solutions and helps in understanding that viscosity is the measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow.
Minimize Variability in your NGS assay
This webinar presents methodologies for increasing throughput, lowering costs and improving reproducibility for your automated assays.

Does weather affect pipetting? YES!

By Rodrigues, G., Avis, E., Price, A., Gerber, V.
Note: This poster has been formatted to fit this screen. Click here to download the published version. Introduction Liquid handler performance can be optimized by adjusting…

Automation of Nanoliter Volume Transfers

By Fay, J., Williams, E., Mosser, S., Harrell, C., Calamari, A., Mullen, F., Harkins, T., Bednar, R.
Doing More With Less Introduction To facilitate the discovery and refinement of lead compounds, our laboratory known as the Facility for Automation and Screening Technology…

Executing an MVS Volume Verification of a Tecan EVO Using EVOware Software

By Rogers, A.
Introduction This paper describes how to run or call an Artel MVS® Multichannel Verification System volume verification from another program or application. The MVS Data Manager…