Resources: Knowledge and practical liquid handling tips you can put into practice

We have collected data and information that focus on optimized assay workflows, as well as automated liquid handling and pipetting processes – all of which is compiled in the resources below. If you would like more details on how Artel can support your assay, don’t hesitate to reach out— call or email - we are here to help
Speed Assay Development
Process Optimization for Assays - Whitepaper
Find out how by downloading this new White Paper on using process optimization to reduce assay variability and improve productivity.
Pipetting viscous solutions poster
Pipetting Viscous Solutions
The Pipetting Viscous Solutions poster provides guidance on pipetting solutions and helps in understanding that viscosity is the measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow.
Troubleshooting Automation
Troubleshooting Automation
This Troubleshooting Automation poster provides guidance on how to identify common problems so you can get the best performance out of your liquid handling platforms.

Lab Report 8: The Use of Multichannel Pipettes

By Artel
It all starts with a single channel Accurate volumetric measurements and transfers are essential to all laboratories concerned with maintaining high levels of quality and…

Does weather affect pipetting? YES!

By Rodrigues, G., Avis, E., Price, A., Gerber, V.
Note: This poster has been formatted to fit this screen. Click here to download the published version. Introduction Liquid handler performance can be optimized by adjusting…

In-House Pipette Calibration: The Lean Way

By Artel
Situation When your tests can impact criminal cases, help labs confirm that a sample belongs to a specific patient, or help verify or refute paternity,…

Minimizing Liquid Delivery Risk: Pipettes as Sources of Error

By Richard Curtis
Liquid delivery is one of the most common processes in life science laboratories, from drug discovery and compound management laboratories to analytical chemistry and genomics/proteomics…

Improved Pipetting Technique: An “Out-of-the-Box” Solution to Reduce Manual Pipetting Errors

By Artel
Situation Time is money in the field of drug discovery and development. Because it takes as long as 10 years to bring a new therapeutic…

Lab Report 1: How Many Data Points

By Artel
Human beings are creatures of habit We often seek stability and continuity and are wary of change. However, inspection, evaluation, and subsequent change are often…

Lab Report 4: Defining Accuracy, Precision and Trueness

By Artel
Language influences thinking and careful use of words when evaluating data allows us to understand how best to improve laboratory accuracy. Accuracy is a particularly important…

Lab Report 5: Setting Tolerances for Pipettes in the Laboratory

By Artel
The performance of mechanical action pipettes must be tested periodically to ensure accurate liquid delivery. The results of such testing then may be compared with pre-established…

Lab Report 6: Calibration Frequency for Pipettes

By Artel
Understanding how pipettes fail Silent Failures Mechanical action pipettes, unlike the original glass pipette, contain many internal parts. Some pipette failures are evident, either to…

8 Easy Steps for Performing Pipette Preventive Maintenance

By Artel
Pipettes are precision devices that require care for consistent results. Performing preventive maintenance routinely will help to minimize malfunctions and keep your instruments in good operating condition.…

Lab Report 7: Facilitating Assay Transfer by Controlling Liquid Handling Variables

By Artel
Assay transfer is one of the most complex activities in laboratories today. Successful assay transfer ensures that new results are comparable to historical data. Whether…

Transferability of Pipette Calibrations

By Carle, B., Rodrigues, G.
Introduction One of the most obvious ways to maintain quality in a laboratory setting is the regular calibration of instruments. Regardless of the measuring instrument,…

Getting Back to Laboratory Basics

By School of Medical Technology
Training a New Generation on Proper Pipetting The pipette is the most universally important laboratory instrument, and liquid delivery handling is arguably one of the…

How It Works: Verifying Liquid Handling Instrumentation Performance

By Rodrigues, G.
Problem: Laboratories often assume that their liquid handling instruments, from pipettes to automated liquid handlers, are operating within specifications. However, because data integrity for applications, from…

Standardizing pipette calibration in a large laboratory organization results in economic and quality gains

By Pou, P.
Large laboratory organizations with many departments find it difficult to allocate responsibility effectively for quality control. While a centralized, top-down approach can simplify regulatory compliance,…

The Effect of One Microliter

By Rodrigues, G.
And Why Microliters Matter Pharmaceutical processes typically take place on the scale of gallons or liters, even tens of thousands of liters.  So why would anyone…

Liquid Delivery Accuracy Advisor: Solutions to Your Liquid Handling Issues

By Rodrigues, G.
It is absolutely critical to verify that the amount of liquid transferred from well-to-well is accurate across the plate, for all steps. Some assumptions, like…

Comparing Calibration Technologies for Liquid Handling Quality Assurance

By Curtis, R., Rodrigues, G.
The use of high-quality precision liquid handling instruments throughout the drug discovery, testing and production processes has tended to give scientists a sense of confidence…

Ratiometric Photometry for Pipette Calibration

By Rodrigues, G.
Method Critical for Low-volume Measurement For Linco Diagnostic Services (, quality assurance is critical. Performing functions such as bioanalytical services and clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology…

The Role of Automation in Liquid Delivery Quality Assurance

By Rodrigues, G.
The word “calibration” often conjures up negative images, especially in IVD development and manufacturing, where regulations mandate that laboratories and production plants have regular calibration…

Ratiometric Photometry Improves Laboratory Quality Assurance

By Rodrigues, G.
New Methodology Accurately and Precisely Verifies Low Volume Liquid Delivery Laboratories often assume that their liquid handling instruments, from pipettes to automated liquid handlers, are…

Transferability of Pipet Calibrations and Proficiency of Operators: Prerequisites for Method Validations and Method Transfers

By Rodrigues, G., Carle, A.B., Curtis, R.
Data quality and integrity are among the most important issues for any laboratory, and one of the most obvious ways to maintain quality in a…

Pipette Calibration System Minimizes Pipetting Error, Strengthens Data Integrity

By Curtis, R.
Pipetting microliter volumes of liquid has become one of the most frequently performed laboratory procedures. The speed, convenience and cost benefits of microliter‑volume, air‑displacement pipettes drive…

Contract Laboratory Improves Liquid Handling Quality Assurance

By LINCO Diagnostic Services
Laboratory Challenge For LINCO Diagnostic Services, a contract laboratory specializing in ligand binding assays, quality assurance is critical. Performing functions such as bioanalytical services and clinical…

MMQCI uses Artel PCS® to Strengthen Liquid Handling Quality Assurance

By Maine Molecular Quality Control
Laboratory Challenge The molecular diagnostics industry is a relatively new territory that offers much promise for early disease detection and personalized patient care. When analyzing…

Flying on Course

FAA’s Forensic Toxicology Lab Enhances Quality and Compliance with Pipette Calibration System from Artel With a spate of recent high-profile plane crashes, there has been…

All Together Now!

By ARUP Laboratories
Standardizing Pipette Quality in a Large Laboratory Organization Results in Economic and Quality Gains Large laboratory organizations with many departments find it difficult to effectively…

Leading the Way With Accreditation in a Country of Firsts

By Patria Rivas Clinical Lab
A Beacon for Top Quality Standards in the Dominican Republic Occupying the eastern half of the West Indian island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is…

Keeping Plasma Safe

Haematologic Technologies Inc. Implements Artel’s Liquid Handling Quality Assurance Systems to Ensure Consistent Results When platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells are removed…

Quality Data at the Speed of Light

By SGE Analytical Science
The Artel PCS validates performance claims for SGE’s award-winning liquid dispensing instrument where all other testing methods had failed When you are in the process…