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10 Tips To Improve Your Pipetting Technique
The experts at Artel demonstrate, in detail, how your pipetting technique and the performance of your pipette can be significantly improved.
Viscous Poster
Pipetting Viscous Solutions
The Pipetting Viscous Solutions poster provides guidance on pipetting solutions and helps in understanding that viscosity is the measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow.
Minimize Variability in your NGS assay
This webinar presents methodologies for increasing throughput, lowering costs and improving reproducibility for your automated assays.

An Assessment of the Volumetric Performance of the The MANTIS® Liquid Handler Using the Artel MVS® Multichannel Verification System

By Allen, K., Rawlins, T., Rodinov, D.
Introduction Since the inception of the variable volume pipette in the 1960s, researchers have been sacrificing the precision of their liquid transfers for ease of…

Performance assessment of the VIAFLO 96 handheld 96-channel pipette

By Beier, M., Parshley, R.
Introduction The standard method of determining a pipette’s liquid delivery performance is measuring the weight of the transferred liquid. Every channel of a multichannel pipette…

Understanding Method Transfer Pitfalls

By Knapp, L., Albert, K.
Accuracy Matters When Transferring a Quantitative, Bench-top Assay to Automation Introduction Assays are usually performed on the benchtop using handheld pipettes before they graduate, or transfer,…

Dispensing Precision and Accuracy for the JANUS Varispan Workstation

By Patterson, M.
Abstract Today’s biotech, pharmaceutical, environmental, clinical research, and  agricultural laboratories employ a diversity of applications and  depend more  and  more  on automated systems to address…

Volume Verification of Hamilton MICROLAB® STAR and NIMBUS Automated Liquid Handlers

By Stewart, D., Luedke, R., Godowsky, B.
Abstract A precise and accurate  means for conducting volume verification of automated  liquid handlers is an important requirement in life science laboratories, which need to…

Verifying Dispensing Performance & Optimizing Accuracy on a Redd&Whyte Preddator Nano-bulk reagent Dispenser

By Poole, R., Redd & Whyte, Albert, K., Artel
Abstract This application note discusses an approach to verify and optimize the dispensing accuracy on a Redd & Whyte Preddator dispenser using measurement information from…

Evaluation of the Eppendorf epMotion Pipetting Tools

By Lui, C., Cassidy, J., Knaide, T., Parshley, R.
Introduction With budgets forever tightening and patient samples being limited, increased efficiency and reduction of repeat testing has become a common goal of almost all…

Performance Qualification of an Automated Plate Washer

By Khovananth, K., Knaide, T., Albert, K.
Introduction An integral, yet often overlooked, procedure with any given assay, washing steps are vital to ensure reaction quality and integrity particularly when conducted in…

Optimization of Automated Liquid Handlers

By Keith J. Albert, Ph.D.
Regular Instrument Performance Checks Help Ensure Accurate Reagent Volume Transfer Over the past 20 years, laboratories around the world have been turning to liquid handling robots to…

Cybi®-Selma – Basic Information

By Cybio
Introduction CyBi®-SELMA is a semi-automatic pipettor for quick, precise and reproducible processing of 96-well and 384-well microplates. Equipped with 96 or 384 parallel working tips…

Measuring the Precision and Accuracy of the Cybi®-Well vario

By Undisz, K., Hanegraaff, I., Schork, S., Knaide, T.
Introduction In laboratory automation precise and accurate liquid handling over a large volume range is essential to meet the challenges of modern drug discovery and…

Measuring the Accuracy and Precision of the epMotion 5070 Workstation

By Spaulding, B., Bradshaw, J., Albert, K., Eggert, H.
Introduction In response to the need to automate molecular biology methods, automated liquid handling technology has been the focus of extensive research and development. The…