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10 Tips To Improve Your Pipetting Technique
The experts at Artel demonstrate, in detail, how your pipetting technique and the performance of your pipette can be significantly improved.
Viscous Poster
Pipetting Viscous Solutions
The Pipetting Viscous Solutions poster provides guidance on pipetting solutions and helps in understanding that viscosity is the measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow.
Minimize Variability in your NGS assay
This webinar presents methodologies for increasing throughput, lowering costs and improving reproducibility for your automated assays.

ATS-100 Acoustic Transfer System calibration using Artel MVS and DMSO Range E dye: A practical approach to developing calibration curves

By Scheibe, D., Palan, J., Khovananth, K.
Overview The ATS-100 transfers one or more droplets of a given fixed size (e.g. 1nl, 2.5nl, 10nl, etc.) in multiples necessary to attain the desired…

Best Practices for Assessing Nanoliter Transfer Performance for Labcyte Echo Liquid Handlers

By Bradshaw, J., Albert, K. - Artel, Mock, M., Shieh, J. - Labcyte
Abstract Acoustic  drop ejection (ADE) technology enables  low- nanoliter  transfers  for high-throughput screening applications. Verifying  the absolute transferred volume  and the well-to-well reproducibility of the…

Development of a 100% DMSO Sample Solution for Liquid Handler Performance Verification

By Parshley, R., Bradshaw, J., Rodrigues, G., Albert, K., Olson, K., Rumery, D.
Abstract DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) has become one of the most important solvents used for high-throughput screening (HTS) and compound management applications due to its ability…

Simple and Fast Performance Verification for Ultra-Low-Volume Liquid Handlers

By Albert, K., Lee, H.
Nanoliter Aqueous Fluid Transfers Assessed with Dual-Dye Technology Abstract Poor liquid handling performance can lead to poor assay results. When the volume verification methodology used to assess…