Resources: Knowledge and practical liquid handling tips you can put into practice

We have collected data and information that focus on optimized assay workflows, as well as automated liquid handling and pipetting processes – all of which is compiled in the resources below. If you would like more details on how Artel can support your assay, don’t hesitate to reach out— call or email - we are here to help
Speed Assay Development
Process Optimization for Assays - Whitepaper
Find out how by downloading this new White Paper on using process optimization to reduce assay variability and improve productivity.
Pipetting viscous solutions poster
Pipetting Viscous Solutions
The Pipetting Viscous Solutions poster provides guidance on pipetting solutions and helps in understanding that viscosity is the measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow.
Troubleshooting Automation
Troubleshooting Automation
This Troubleshooting Automation poster provides guidance on how to identify common problems so you can get the best performance out of your liquid handling platforms.

Using PCRMix QualAssure for Assessing Liquid Transfer Performance with the MVS®

By Michael Grimaldi, Rachel Parshley, Melinda Gold PhD
Summary When assessing the accuracy and precision of a liquid transfer with the Multichannel Verification System (MVS), specially formulated dye-containing solutions are used as a…

Using SerumSub QualAssure for Assessing Liquid Transfer Performance with the MVS®

By Michael Grimaldi, Rachel Parshley, Melinda Gold, PhD
Summary Artel has developed SerumSub QualAssure, a serum-like reference solution with liquid handling properties that are analogous to several commonly used sera. SerumSub can help…

Single Channel Pipette Calibration and Operator Competency Assessment Using a Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometry System

By Rebecca L. Kitchener, PhD and Nathaniel G. Hentz, PhD
Introduction Handheld pipettes are the workhorse of most life sciences laboratories, and they are among the most ubiquitous laboratory instrumentation. They are the single most…

A Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometry System for Verification of Multichannel Liquid Delivery Devices

By Tanya Knaide, John Thomas Bradshaw, PhD
Technical Description, Operation, Selected Applications, and Method Comparison Verification and calibration of automated liquid handling instruments are important for applications that demand high levels of…

Process Optimization for Assays: A Framework for Controlling Variability and Optimizing Assay Performance

By Nathaniel G. Hentz, PhD
Improve Assay Performance by learning more in this Whitepaper Employing a process optimization approach to assay development involves breaking down the assay workflow into smaller…