Resources: Knowledge and practical liquid handling tips you can put into practice

We have collected data and information that focus on optimized assay workflows, as well as automated liquid handling and pipetting processes – all of which is compiled in the resources below. If you would like more details on how Artel can support your assay, don’t hesitate to reach out— call or email - we are here to help
Speed Assay Development
Process Optimization for Assays - Whitepaper
Find out how by downloading this new White Paper on using process optimization to reduce assay variability and improve productivity.
Pipetting viscous solutions poster
Pipetting Viscous Solutions
The Pipetting Viscous Solutions poster provides guidance on pipetting solutions and helps in understanding that viscosity is the measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow.
Troubleshooting Automation
Troubleshooting Automation
This Troubleshooting Automation poster provides guidance on how to identify common problems so you can get the best performance out of your liquid handling platforms.

Webinar: Streamline Liquid Handler Management: from Devices to Operators

By Nicole Nguyen, Melinda Gold, PhD
Webinar Description: ArtelWare™ is a new liquid handling management software for managing the performance of manual pipettes, automated liquid handlers, and operators in one platform.…

Webinar: Speed up Assay Development Time when Testing Plasma and Other Viscous Liquids

By Melinda Gold, PhD
Webinar Description: When performing plasma or serum based assays, or genomics assays, volume transfers are of the utmost importance to ensure accurate data. Those viscous…

Webinar: Practical Considerations for a Volume Verification Process for Automated Liquid Handlers

By John Derent, Keith Albert, PhD, Dana Campbell
Automated liquid handlers have become increasingly popular laboratory equipment, as the workload and number of samples to process skyrocket, and the race to find vaccines…

Panel Discussion: ISO Standards, Calibrations, and Routine Tests for Liquid Handling Instruments

By John Bradshaw, PhD, John Derent, Bjoern Carle, PhD, George Rodrigues, PhD
Given the success of the “New and Revised ISO Standards for Manual and Automated Liquid Handling Instruments” webinar presented by Artel, our subject matter experts…

Webinar: New and Revised ISO Standards for Manual and Automated Liquid Handling Instruments

By Bjoern Carle, PhD, George Rodrigues, PhD
Webinar Description: Handheld pipettes, as well as automated liquid handling systems, are ubiquitous tools used in most life science laboratories. Most assays and analytical lab…

Webinar: Automated Liquid Handlers: Optimizing Performance and Standardizing Verification​

By John Derent
Overview Automation is becoming more prevalent than ever, especially as labs look to minimize their manual workflows and meet ever-increasing workloads. Whether setting up a…

Webinar: The Key to Assay Reproducibility: Viscous Liquid Optimization

By Melinda Gold, PhD
Webinar Description: Liquid class optimization for automated liquid handlers is a critical programming step in your assay set up. Ensuring that the correct volumes are…

Webinar: Take your Liquid Handler Workflows to the Next Level with Optimization

By Melinda Gold, PhD
Title: Take your Liquid Handling Workflows to the Next Level with Optimization Webinar Description: Are you conducting PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR or NGS assays? Do you…

Webinar: Managing Quality and Compliance Operations in an Accelerating Scientific Landscape

By Nathaniel Hentz, PhD
Description: This webinar covers several important issues facing biopharmaceutical leadership today, especially those working in the rapidly growing cell and gene therapy space. Additionally, limited…

Webinar: How to Choose an Automated Liquid Handler: Tips and Tricks to Help You on Your Way

By Nathaniel Hentz, PhD
Whether you are new to automation or are an experienced user, choosing a new automated liquid handler (ALH) can be a daunting task. Watch as…

Webinar: Employing a Process Optimization Strategy for Improving Biopharmaceutical Assay Workflows

By Nathaniel Hentz, PhD
Many labs turn to automation to increase throughput, lower costs, and reduce operator-related errors. Transferring a manual, bench-top assay to an automated platform, however, is…

Webinar: Liquid handling considerations for automating your NGS workflow

By Nathaniel Hentz, Phd, Jason Graves
In this webinar, Dr. Nathaniel Hentz and Jason Graves will highlight their approach for addressing NGS workflows and present methodologies for improving DNA normalization, ensuring…

Webinar: Understanding Barriers to Successful Assay Optimization with an Eye Toward Automation

By Nathaniel Hentz, PhD, William Ivory
In this expert on-demand webinar, learn about the most common barriers to successful assay optimization and the importance of monitoring workflows The liquid handling component…