Resources: Knowledge and practical liquid handling tips you can put into practice

We have collected data and information that focus on optimized assay workflows, as well as automated liquid handling and pipetting processes – all of which is compiled in the resources below. If you would like more details on how Artel can support your assay, don’t hesitate to reach out— call or email - we are here to help
Speed Assay Development
Process Optimization for Assays - Whitepaper
Find out how by downloading this new White Paper on using process optimization to reduce assay variability and improve productivity.
Pipetting Viscous Solutions Poster
Pipetting Viscous Solutions
The Pipetting Viscous Solutions poster provides guidance on pipetting solutions and helps in understanding that viscosity is the measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow.
Troubleshooting Automation
Troubleshooting Automation
This Troubleshooting Automation poster provides guidance on how to identify common problems so you can get the best performance out of your liquid handling platforms.

In-House Pipette Calibration: The Lean Way

By Artel
Situation When your tests can impact criminal cases, help labs confirm that a sample belongs to a specific patient, or help verify or refute paternity,…

XenoTech Ensures Quality

By XenoTech
Achieving Reliable, Trustworthy Data for the Drug Discovery and Development Industry A drying pipeline. Exorbitant costs. High attrition rates. Over the past decade a lot…

Improved Pipetting Technique: An “Out-of-the-Box” Solution to Reduce Manual Pipetting Errors

By Artel
Situation Time is money in the field of drug discovery and development. Because it takes as long as 10 years to bring a new therapeutic…

The eVolving Needs of Quality Assurance

By SGE Analytical Science
SGE’s revolutionary electronic syringe provides critical performance when and where it is needed in demanding QA field applications. Introducing a new method or product into…

Getting Back to Laboratory Basics

By School of Medical Technology
Training a New Generation on Proper Pipetting The pipette is the most universally important laboratory instrument, and liquid delivery handling is arguably one of the…

First World Standards Take Root in Haiti’s National Lab

By Haiti National Laboratory
Using Artel’s PCS, Lab Sets Sights on ISO Accreditation Taking up the Western half of Hispaniola, the island where Columbus first landed, Haiti and its…

Mobile Laboratory Gives North Carolina’s Biotech Industry a Lift

By Wake Technical Community College
Innovative Continuing Education Program Offers Workforce World-Class Training From a distance it would be easy to mistake North Carolina’s BioNetwork Mobile Laboratory for a city…

On-the-Job Training That’s Not on the Job

By NC State University / BTEC
Artel Pipetting Technique Training Helps NC State Prepare FDA Inspectors and Students for the Lab With the third-largest concentration of biotechnology firms  in the United…

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Keeps Tainted Goods out of Consumer Reach with Artel Products and Services

By NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Laboratory Challenge With a staggering list of recently tainted food and drug products in the U.S., product safety is understandably a growing concern of American…

Contract Laboratory Improves Liquid Handling Quality Assurance

By LINCO Diagnostic Services
Laboratory Challenge For LINCO Diagnostic Services, a contract laboratory specializing in ligand binding assays, quality assurance is critical. Performing functions such as bioanalytical services and clinical…

MMQCI uses Artel PCS® to Strengthen Liquid Handling Quality Assurance

By Maine Molecular Quality Control
Laboratory Challenge The molecular diagnostics industry is a relatively new territory that offers much promise for early disease detection and personalized patient care. When analyzing…

Flying on Course

FAA’s Forensic Toxicology Lab Enhances Quality and Compliance with Pipette Calibration System from Artel With a spate of recent high-profile plane crashes, there has been…

All Together Now!

By ARUP Laboratories
Standardizing Pipette Quality in a Large Laboratory Organization Results in Economic and Quality Gains Large laboratory organizations with many departments find it difficult to effectively…

Leading the Way With Accreditation in a Country of Firsts

By Patria Rivas Clinical Lab
A Beacon for Top Quality Standards in the Dominican Republic Occupying the eastern half of the West Indian island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is…

Keeping Plasma Safe

Haematologic Technologies Inc. Implements Artel’s Liquid Handling Quality Assurance Systems to Ensure Consistent Results When platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells are removed…

Quality Data at the Speed of Light

By SGE Analytical Science
The Artel PCS validates performance claims for SGE’s award-winning liquid dispensing instrument where all other testing methods had failed When you are in the process…

Beckman Coulter Improves Operational Qualification Program with Advanced Technology for Liquid Delivery Quality Assurance

Laboratory Challenge Operational qualification is important for most life science laboratories, especially those in the clinical and pharmaceutical markets, as it is used to prove…

When Analyzing Cancer at the Molecular Level, Microliters Matter

By Genomic Health
Laboratory Challenge Over 1.4 million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year. While improvements in disease detection, diagnosis and therapies are continually…

No Room for Error in Drug Discovery Laboratory

Laboratory Challenge The drug discovery process often starts in a High-Throughput Screening (HTS) laboratory. Screening campaigns typically use a number of automated liquid handlers to…