The Cost of Liquid Handler QC – A Case Study


As with most laboratory instrumentation, automated liquid handlers should be assessed, verified and/or calibrated on a periodic basis. When considering an appropriate quality control (QC) method for the liquid handling instrumentation, one of the first questions asked is “How much does it cost to QC each system?” Oftentimes, the only aspect considered when contemplating total cost is the price of raw materials and necessary consumables. Very important, expensive components to obtaining complete quality control, such as time/labor, are often overlooked. As a result, incomplete, insufficient QC methods or processes are regularly created.

This poster presentation attempts to summarize all consumable and labor costs associated with the current liquid handler QC method at an anonymous large pharmaceutical company. It then compares costs associated with other common liquid handler QC methods in an attempt to highlight the often misunderstood total cost of implementing and practicing a proper quality control process for liquid handling instrumentation.

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