Public Health Labs

The increase in testing, especially for COVID-19, is challenging for labs as they try to meet the demand and optimize workflows. Artel has solutions.

Public Health Labs

The increase in patient testing, especially for COVID-19, has made it a challenging to keep up with the ever-growing demand and manage workload. Artel has solutions.

Transfer your assays to automated liquid handlers with confidence and scale up your testing

Increased capacity often means moving from a manual to an automated process, but with limited prior knowledge and experience in evaluating or running an automated system and processes that have not been fully optimized, you might encounter failures, variability, and delays.​

​Artel can help you quickly develop and transfer manual assays to automated liquid handlers, enabling you to troubleshoot and refine workflows and ensure reliable results.​​

Katrine Kelly
Katrine Kelly

Global Account Manager

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If you would like more details on how Artel can support your assay, whether it is troubleshooting, optimization, or assay transfer, don’t hesitate to reach out—we are here to help.

Assess your instruments, labware and reagents to meet compliance standards

With our PCS and MVS, you can quickly and easily verify the accuracy and precision of hand held single and multichannel pipettes and automated liquid handlers. Evaluate instruments, labware, and reagents in-house without relying on a third-party service, so you can focus your efforts on the science and achieving data integrity for the health and welfare of the population.​

Institute in-house protocols to follow Good Laboratory Practices and compliance entities

Training lab personnel on proper pipetting technique and regularly testing their pipetting competency can ensure that regulations are followed, thereby leading to more reliable and reproducible data. Our technology also facilitates CLIA, ISO, and FDA compliance by creating reports needed for traceability of results and audits, thereby satisfying all regulatory requirements.

The Artel On-site Training and Certification seminar can evaluate operator proficiency and standardize pipetting technique across your organization to support you in your quest to meet quality standards.

MVS® Multichannel Verification System
Efficiently assess the accuracy and precision of liquid transfers dispensed into each well simultaneously by automated liquid handlers and multichannel handheld pipettes.
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PCS Pipette Calibration System
Streamline pipette calibration, volume verification, and user assessment and training with this easy-to-use and affordable system for handheld pipettes.
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