Short timelines, high throughputs, and reliable data are top requirements when supporting Biopharma teams. Artel can help you ensure consistency and quality of operations, analytical workflows, and operator proficiency.

Improve Productivity to Maintain Tight Timelines

In recent years, CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and CDMOs (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations) just like yours have become trusted partners to pharmaceutical companies who want to outsource. Your involvement covers all stages of drug development, from discovery to clinical trials and commercialization. But faced with globalization more personalized approach to treatments, companies are under pressure to perform more reliably, and at a faster pace. ​

Artel can help you reach your deadlines by keeping your instruments working at peak performance with our calibration and volume verification services, so you can stay focused on your research.

Katrine Kelly
Katrine Kelly

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CROs and CMOs

Cultivate a Unique Offering

Even with the current increase in outsourcing, CROs and CDMOs constantly rely on new projects to come in. Developing long-standing relationships and establishing yourselves as trustworthy and reliable partners is a way to grow your business. With new biological molecules constantly being discovered, unique scientific expertise and the ability to run specific targeted assays can make all the difference when acquiring new clients.​

The Artel PCS®, MVS® and targeted mimic solutions can help you develop and optimize your assays faster and with high accuracy, helping your biopharma partners to shorten their drug development timelines.

Deliver Excellence

​Responsiveness, reliability, and accountability define a commitment to excellence. But this fast-paced environment, where client satisfaction, speed and efficiency are a priority, can become very stressful on your staff. The result: a persistently high employee turnover rate leading to project delays due to onboarding and replacement. ​

As operator pipetting technique is by far the largest source of error, investing in your employees by providing pipetting training can not only even out analyst to analyst variability, but also increase job satisfaction. With Artel Pipetting Proficiency Certification and Pipette Quality Management Certification trainings, you can standardize pipetting performance thereby improving data quality across your lab.

MVS® Multichannel Verification System
Efficiently assess the accuracy and precision of liquid transfers dispensed into each well simultaneously by automated liquid handlers and multichannel handheld pipettes.
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PCS Pipette Calibration System
Streamline pipette calibration, volume verification, and user assessment and training with this easy-to-use and affordable system for handheld pipettes.
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