100% DMSO Based Solutions

Artel simplifies the verification of low-volume DMSO dispenses and improves the validity of HTS assays

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Dispense: Starting with the default parameters on the automated liquid handler, dispense Artel SerumSub QualAssure solution and diluent into Artel Verification Plate.

Measure: After mixing on the plate shaker, read the plate on the MVS.

Assess: The system calculates volume accuracy and precision for each well and provides statistics.

Adjust: Based on results, adjust (as needed) parameters such as aspiration speed, dispense speed, delay blowout, speed blowout movement blowout, initial stroke, aspirate height, dispense height and volume offset.

Customer Testimonial

Our laboratory has used Artel’s MVS for the last five years to validate volume transfers for our automated liquid handling devices. While the MVS has proved valuable as an easy to use aqueous liquid volume validation, most of our liquid transfers involve moving our compound library which is solvated in DMSO. We are eagerly looking forward to Artel’s new DMSO-based Sample Solutions to make it even easier to validate the liquid transfers of DMSO solutions on our systems.

— Jason Haelewyn, Celgene