Product Updates

Product Updates

Announcing PlasProxy™ plasma mimic for critical liquid handling processes.

Plasma is difficult to work with when performing clinical assays, whether using manual or automated processes. It is often available only in limited quantities, so expending it simply to dial in liquid class settings in automated liquid handlers is undesirable. With the new Artel PlasProxy QualAssure sample loss can be minimized and workflow productivity improved.


Centralize Management of Liquid Handling Devices and Operator Performance

Artel announces its new liquid delivery quality system management software, ArtelWare. Labs looking to increase the flexibility and utility of their liquid handlers, monitor the performance of their lab’s inventory of liquid handling instrumentation, automate the scheduling of verifications and calibrations, and monitor operator proficiency will find the software to be an easy-to-use, flexible and powerful management tool.

Artel to be Acquired by Advanced Instruments, a Leading Provider of Analytical Systems and Services for Specialized Life Sciences Applications

Artel announces that Advanced Instruments, a leading provider of scientific and analytical instruments for specialized applications, has agreed to acquire Artel.

Advanced Instruments Acquires Artel

Hamilton and Artel Collaboration Yields Standardized Customer Solutions to Validate Automated Liquid Handler Performance

As part of a mutual objective to safeguard high and consistent liquid handler performance levels, Hamilton Company and Artel today announced that they are near completion of a packaged solution to standardize performance validation of Hamilton’s automated liquid handlers.