Why customers trust Artel

Because generating reliable data and keeping productivity high are important to life science labs around the globe.

>1500 Healthcare Systems

When lives are at stake, quality is critical. Artel has helped over 1,500 hospitals and healthcare systems meet regulatory compliance and deliver accurate, reliable lab test results.

>300 Government Labs

Artel’s products and services help ensure quality and support productivity at government labs that manage public health, solve crimes, ensure the safety of our food supply, and more.

>800 Pharma & Biotech Companies

Pharma, biotech, and commercial diagnostics companies all count on Artel, too. We help them meet regulatory compliance, standardize assays from site-to-site, generate reliable results, and more.

How CRL developed a Saliva Test to meet the immediate pandemic threat

“The challenge was to figure out a way to go from a manual assay that could test 300 samples per day to a reliable automated process that could process 30,000 samples per day” Rob Grbac, Director of Technical Laboratory Services, CRL

When the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic was really starting to come into focus, the team at Clinical Reference Labs (CRL) took a look at their resources and realized that they were uniquely positioned to have an impact on the public health response.

How Takeda streamlines assay transfer and troubleshooting with the MVS

“We can’t afford to deal with liquid transfer variability,” Patrick Deitemeyer, Senior Development Specialist at Takeda

Ensuring quality is a critical component of any drug maker’s product release process. When those products are enzyme replacement therapies, ensuring quality means constantly running a range of assays, some of which can take a week to complete. See how the team at Shire (now a part of Takeda) uses the MVS to save time and improve productivity while meeting quality goals.

How Tecan speeds instrument service with Artel technology

For Tecan, the QC Kit with Artel’s technology hits all the high points required for a liquid handling verification service offering...

It’s not just end-users that recognize the benefits of Artel’s technology, the service team within a global liquid handler manufacturer does as well. Find out how Artel’s proprietary ratiometric volume verification technology helps Tecan’s service team support their customers by maximizing instrument uptime and ensuring quality.

How SEKISUI XenoTech ensures quality and productivity with the MVS

“We want there to be as few false positives or negatives as possible, because we are one of the last stops before a compound goes into human trials.” Robert Grbac, Senior Scientist at SEKISUI XenoTech

When development teams from the drug, nutraceutical, food additives, and cosmetics industries rely on you to ensure that their products are safe, quality is important. So are deadlines. To keep their client’s assays moving while generating reliable, trustworthy data, SEKISUI XenoTech turns to Artel. See all the ways SEKISUI XenoTech relies on the MVS to ensure quality and productivity.

How Sorenson Genomics saves time and money by bringing pipette calibration in-house

The QC staff found using the PCS to be faster and easier than either outsourcing or gravimetric calibration…

Many labs choose to send out pipettes for calibration, but the process takes time, ties up pipette inventory, and doesn’t take into account the potential for pipettes to fall out of specifications during return shipping. See how Sorenson Genomics ended up saving money and, surprisingly, time by doing pipette calibrations themselves with a PCS.

How Beckman Coulter improved customer satisfaction, expanded OQ sign-ups with an MVS

Because service representatives can more efficiently complete service visits and more accurately diagnose and solve issues, Beckman Coulter can meet this need and enhance customer satisfaction in its instrumentation…

Operational qualification (OQ) is an important installation service offered by automated liquid handler manufacturers, but it can take time and customers can question the cost-benefit ratio. Find out how Beckman Coulter improved the efficiency of their OQ level 3 (OQ3) service while providing instrument accuracy and precision data that their customers really valued by performing the OQ3 with an MVS. Not only did they improve customer satisfaction, but they expanded OQ3 sign-ups as well.

How ARUP Labs improved quality and productivity with the PCS

“By implementing standardized policies across the board, we were really able to speed up the entire system, making it more effective and productive over the long term.” Jeff Howard, ARUP Quality Specialist

When you have over 1,500 pipettes spread across 71 departments, standardized calibration procedures are critical for quality control. But when each department has their own procedures, specifications, and even naming conventions for the same types of pipettes, the lab in charge of calibration can find it challenging to keep everything moving in a timely fashion. See how the PCS helped ARUP labs decentralize and standardize pipette calibration, and even standardize pipetting technique, for improved quality and productivity.

NorDx Laboratories includes PCS in focus on quality for over 20 years

“We maintain state-of-the-art instrumentation throughout the laboratory and with technology continually changing this requires acquisition of new equipment throughout the various laboratory disciplines.” Sue-Ellen Tupper, Clinical Lab Manager at NorDx Scarborough.

NorDx is the state’s first licensed independent clinical lab and the largest regional lab in Maine. As a member of MaineHealth, a recognized healthcare leader in New England and Maine’s largest integrated healthcare system, NorDx provides dependable, quality laboratory services to hospitals, physicians, long-term care providers, other laboratories and health care organizations throughout the region.