Why customers trust Artel

Because generating reliable data and keeping productivity high are important to life science labs around the globe.

ARUP Labs improved quality and productivity with the PCS
“By implementing standardized policies across the board, we were able to speed up the entire system.” Jeff Howard, ARUP Quality Specialist
ARUP Case Study

Beckman Coulter improved customer satisfaction, expanded OQ sign-ups with an MVS
Service representatives can more efficiently complete service visits and more accurately diagnose and solve issues.
Beckman Coulter Case Study

CRL developed a Saliva Test to meet the immediate pandemic threat
“The challenge was to figure out a way to go from a manual assay to a reliable automated process.” Rob Grbac, Director of Technical Laboratory Services, CRL.
CRL Case Study

Exact Sciences

When Analyzing Cancer at the Molecular Level, Microliters Matter
It is essential that Exact Science’s liquid handing devices perform accurately at the microliter level.
Exact Sciences Case Study


Forensic Toxicology Lab Enhances Quality and Compliance
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a wide range of laboratory capabilities that are applied to plane crash investigations.
FAA Case Study

HTI Case Study

Haematologic Technologies Inc. Keeps Plasma Safe
"For our general manufacturing operations, accurate volume delivery helps us ensure that we are delivering consistent quality."
HTI Case Study

MMQCI uses Artel PCS® to Strengthen Liquid Handling Quality Assurance
“Pipettes are the single most used tool in our laboratories,” said Joan Gordon, President, MMQCI.
MMQCI Case Study

On-the-Job Training That’s Not on the Job
Artel Pipetting Technique Training Helps NC State Prepare FDA Inspectors and Students for the Lab.
NC State Case Study

NorDx Laboratories includes PCS in focus on quality for over 20 years
“We maintain state-of-the-art instrumentation throughout the laboratory.” Sue-Ellen Tupper, Clinical Lab Manager at NorDx Scarborough.
NorDx Case Study

On the frontlines of personalized medicine (and more)
“The assays are very sensitive to contamination.” Ming Lai Cheng, Senior Research Associate the PGx lab.
QPS Case Study

Sorenson Genomics saves time and money by bringing pipette calibration in-house
The QC staff found using the PCS to be faster and easier than either outsourcing or gravimetric calibration.
Sorenson Genomics Case Study

Takeda streamlines assay transfer and troubleshooting with the MVS
“We can't afford to deal with liquid transfer variablility." Patrick Deitemeyer, Senior Development Specialist at Takeda.
Takeda Case Study

Tecan speeds instrument service with Artel technology
The QC Kit with Artel’s technology hits all the high points required for a liquid handling verification service offering.
Tecan Case Study

Mobile Laboratory Gives North Carolina’s Biotech Industry a Lift
Innovative Continuing Education Program Offers Workforce World-Class Training
Wake Technical CC Case Study

SEKISUI XenoTech ensures quality and productivity with the MVS
“We want there to be as few false positives or negatives as possible.” Robert Grbac, Senior Scientist at SEKISUI XenoTech.
XenoTech Case Study