See a few of the applications supported by Artel products & services

While we’re known for calibration and volume verification, our products, services and software can help with a whole lot more. See a few examples below or contact us to see how we can improve data quality while speeding assay workflow optimization.

Liquid Class
Speed assay automation and ensure performance with streamlined liquid class optimization.
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Process Optimization
Get the highest quality data out of your assay and optimize your workflow
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Streamline your calibration and volume verification workflows with products and services from Artel.
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Pipette User Training
Pipette User Training Minimize variability between analysts by ensuring consistent pipetting technique.
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Assay Workflow Optimization

Speed up ELISA development, simplify troubleshooting, and help ensure accurate and reproducible results.
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Consistently meet library quality targets, simplify troubleshooting, and reduce the need for costly resequencing.
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Customer Stories

See all the ways Artel helps big pharma, biotechs, CROs, instrument manufacturers, and diagnostics companies generate data and deliver services that they and their customers can trust.

Moving pipette calibration in-house saved a surprising amount of money and time.
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Find out how Artel technology helps Tecan’s Te-Care service team keep their customers happy
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How an out-of-the-box solution for reducing liquid handling variability improved the entire assay process.
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