Life Sciences Marketing Manager

Your Opportunity

Artel is looking for an experienced Marketing Manager who shares our passion for aiding life science laboratories in their quest for new and better vaccines, diagnostics, and therapies. Our ideal candidate has the skills and insights to develop and deliver exceptional marketing programs which support Artel’s mission. Understanding the needs of our customers and our market and having proven expertise in creating and executing strategically targeted communications will allow Artel and its clients to build progressive, productive, and sustained partnerships.

If you are this candidate, as part of the Artel family you will see how Artel strives to create a work environment that motivates and inspires all of us to be the best we can be – and to achieve goals which are personally meaningful, which make a difference to the world, and of which we can be proud. You will work with cross-functional teams in a fast-paced environment to create and deliver some of the industry’s highest quality and most effective marketing initiatives. You will experience a company culture, team spirit and support of career opportunities that will be key elements to your professional growth and personal job satisfaction.

Principal Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute marketing plans for products and services which support Artel’s mission of lifetime partnerships with our prospects and customers from technology adoption to retention and loyalty.
  • Strategically utilize both traditional and digital channels to ensure educational, technical, and scientific content is successfully communicated to the appropriate target audience.
  • Develop and implement content and positioning of marketing materials to be used on the website and in social media, promotions, and other programs to effectively meet business goals.
  • Maintain a comprehensive understanding of alternative methods, processes or technologies utilized by life science labs in their efforts to optimize assay performance, that conceptually or in practice compete with Artel products/services.
  • Lead the development of case studies, webinars, white papers, remote/virtual events, educational slide decks and other communications initiatives to drive awareness throughout the customers’ lifecycle.
  • Continually add to scientific and practical understanding of Artel technology, and the applications and attributes of key product and services.
  • Create storylines and messaging that reflect specific customer needs and aspirations, and which align with overall brand positioning and value propositions.
  • Collaborate with technical and customer facing teams to build our understanding of customers’ workflows, pain points and opportunities for optimization – and apply this knowledge to the creation and delivery of Artel marketing strategies and initiatives.
  • Work with industry partners, key customers, and opinion leaders to reach and favorably influence the market regarding advantages of applying Artel technology.
  • Develop and utilize customer-based ROI analysis which support the unique advantages of Artel technology applications.
  • Utilize data-driven opportunity analysis, customer segmentation, response metrics, advanced survey techniques and targeted market research to shape marketing and communications strategy.
  • Oversee and contribute to technical writing initiatives directed to advance Artel’s industry and market position and articulation of our unique value propositions.
  • Interact cross-functionally with copywriters, designers, sales team, product development team, and executive leadership to achieve alignment internally on key messages and claims, and to achieve strategic marketing goals.
  • Generate regular reports on the marketing program and campaign performance, utilizing key metrics, and addressing successes as well as opportunities for improvement and advancement.
  • Identify areas for overall or detail improvement in customer facing and other key processes; make recommendations and lead initiatives as required; perform other duties to advance Artel’s position in the market as needed.

Capabilities & Competencies

  • Superior interpersonal, organizational, time management, analytical and communication (spoken and written) skills.
  • Proven capabilities in challenging situations where there is a premium on self-motivation, multi-tasking, prioritization, and independent work.
  • Natural ability to build strong working relationships, trust and credibility with customers and strategic partners.
  • Entrepreneurial initiative, innovative approach, flexible outlook and strong strategic instincts.
  • Ability to turn highly technical knowledge and concepts into key marketing, selling and support messages for cross functional teams.
  • Facility with data analytics as applied to optimizing success in marketing and customer facing programs.
  • Ability to understand, analyze/interpret, summarize complex marketing and sales information – and synthesize strategic plans.

Education & Experience

  • PhD in relevant scientific/technical course of study.
  • Significant laboratory hands-on experience with assay workflows and processes utilizing liquid handling instrumentation.
  • Commercial experience in marketing life science lab tools and services.

How to Apply

Please respond by email with resume and cover letter to Deirdre Fisher: