Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Mission

Thousands of life sciences laboratories worldwide depend on Artel technology to ensure the integrity of their test results. By providing powerful instrument-based systems and specifically targeted services, we are making it possible for laboratories in drug discovery & development, clinical diagnostics, forensics, genomics & proteomics, and other laboratories running critical test procedures to have total confidence in their results – while maintaining compliance and optimizing productivity.

The Company

Artel is the global technology leader in ultra-low volume liquid measurement and liquid handling quality assurance. Artel calibration and verification systems are unsurpassed for accuracy, precision, and ease of use. These products utilize Artel proprietary technology to ensure and optimize the performance of laboratory instrumentation such as automated liquid handlers and handheld pipettes. Artel value-added services, based on Artel technology and the most rigorous in the industry, are key ingredients for our customers in their quest to optimize laboratory productivity, compliance, and quality.

Artel’s people – through their innovation in technology and their focus on helping our customers tackle their most critical challenges – are making significant contributions to the speed of development of new pharmaceutical products, the dependability of clinical diagnostic results, the accuracy of forensic tests, and the containment of health care costs. We are fortunate to be involved in an exciting, growing, and challenging field – and are gratified that our world-class efforts have put us in a leadership position.

Your Opportunity

As part of the Artel family, you will see how Artel strives to create a work environment that motivates and inspires all our employees to be the best they can be, and to achieve personally meaningful goals which make a difference to the world and of which they can be proud. Employees rate the company culture, team spirit and support of career opportunities as key ingredients in their professional growth and personal job satisfaction.

Job Description

As the Digital Marketing Specialist, you will be responsible for creating, implementing, and monitoring a holistic digital marketing strategy across multiple channels and platforms. You will be required to stay in tune with the continually evolving digital landscape and leverage new technology and capabilities to improve the Artel digital footprint. Using a data driven approach, you will review existing digital marketing campaigns and suggest ways to optimize content and methods to ensure continued growth and expansion within the industry.

You will be the primary administrator of Pardot where you will design, develop and execute mass marketing emails and templates and continually optimize email marketing campaigns to ensure growth. You will maintain website forms, landing pages, email and marketing lists, run reports, conduct A/B testing, build custom tracking elements, and assist cross department administrator requests.

You will be the primary website administrator of and must be proficient in WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will be responsible for maintaining website content, building landing pages, conducting effectiveness analysis, and working with the marketing team to ensure continued growth and enhancements.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage the website infrastructure.
  • Maintain integrated website accounts including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Disqus.
  • Create and update webpages.
  • Expand functionality, educational & technical resources, and customer support online.
  • Generate monthly reports on the marketing campaign’s performance. Analyze key metrics and address successes, failures and plans for improvements.
  • Plan, develop, implement, monitor and optimize an annual digital marketing strategy.
  • Collaborate with Digital Marketing Manager on Artel’s Google Ads account.
  • Leverage social advertising platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook) to drive brand awareness.
  • Implement, monitor, and optimize retargeting campaigns.
  • Design, develop and execute mass marketing emails as well as nurturing campaigns to ensure growth.
  • Develop and maintain website forms, landing pages, email and marketing lists, run reports, conduct A/B testing, build custom tracking elements.
  • Audit & segment prospect lists & lead scoring.
  • Create reporting tracking marketing automation assets related to the impact of MQLs, SQLs, Opportunities, and Sales.


  • Skilled in marketing automation technology. Experience with Pardot is preferred.
  • Skilled in digital advertising technology. Experience with Google Ads (Display, Search), Facebook, LinkedIn is required.
  • Skilled in website administration. Experience with WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio is required.
  • Ability to recognize areas of potential and suggest a clear path towards achieving success.
  • Data-proven successes with SEO & SEM.
  • Superior written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong sense of initiative, with the ability to work independently.
  • Ability to both excel as a leader and to thrive as a contributor to a team.
  • Highly motivated, goal oriented, and resilient; with a positive attitude and continual enthusiasm for addressing challenges.
  • Experience in the life sciences industry a plus.

Education & Professional Experience

  • Undergraduate degree in marketing, communications or related field. Advanced degree a plus.
  • A strong background with diverse digital marketing techniques, such as email marketing campaigns, landing page design & development, SEO & SEM.
  • Relevant technical advertising knowledge in Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • 3-5 years of website maintenance experience, with advanced knowledge in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • 3-5 years of experience using a marketing automation Platform (Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, etc.)
  • 5+ years in email marketing with the ability to code new email templates capable of passing Litmus email client testing. Strong comprehension of the latest email marketing laws & regulations.

How to Apply

Please respond by email with resume and cover letter to Deirdre Fisher: [email protected] Artel is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates of diverse backgrounds.