Where We Stand

In These Times

In these times, what can we do? How can we help with the social and economic situation that is now – as we see events unfolding – more obvious and in need of attention than ever. The question of what we can do has lived in the shadows for a long time. It may be that we have hoped that this troubling issue of inequity would cure itself, or that perhaps it was not as large and real as it sometimes seemed. Perhaps we felt that there was nothing that we in particular could do and that it was a problem for someone else: the politicians, the demonstrators, the parents of those enduring less so-called success in life, the educational system, or the police officers.

So now, we are face to face – and to ignore this deep problem is not an option. And, beyond recognizing and being conscious of our situation – doing something is, really, not just our only option, but it should be a pro-active choice to which we devote a large portion of our hearts and minds.

What, Then, Can We Do?

As a society, as a country: take heed of what we stand for – a place with an admirable mandate and what should be exceptional opportunity – and take strides to keep this dream alive and to realize it. As people, as individuals in a community: pay attention, tackle these difficult conversations, take an action not previously considered, understand rather than merely react, help someone.

As an organization called Artel, we have accomplished a lot and have become leaders in our field. We should be proud of that. But we will always look to see how we can do more, to be the best that we can be, and in doing so Artel will:

  • Keep on the good path we have charted so far – insist on being best in class.
  • Maintain open minds, pursue new ideas and value innovation in everything we do.
  • Ensure true equality of opportunity and embrace diversity in all aspects of our business activities and mission.