Our Purpose

Our Purpose is Ensuring Healthier Lives for All

Artel fulfills its purpose by partnering with life science laboratories working to deliver solutions to life’s major health challenges. We enable our client partners to work more effectively – with more accuracy, speed and lower costs. We help biopharmaceutical firms develop vaccines and therapies more quickly, diagnostic laboratories to run tests faster and more accurately, and we have been particularly blessed to be able to assist the many people and organizations in the winning fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artel’s superior insights, products and services are utilized by healthcare enterprises the world over. Our technology, and the methods based on it, have become globally recognized standards and we are committed to bringing the uses and benefits to as many as possible.

In the pursuit of Healthier Lives for All, Artel is committed to the well being of our employees, communities, and client partners.

Finding a company whose purpose and culture align with my personal values is essential. At Artel, my daily work makes a difference in science and research and ultimately in the life of patients struggling with diseases. It motivates me to see the bigger picture and inspires me to see how my contributions impact areas that I care about. It gives each day a greater sense of purpose and drives me to produce high quality, meaningful work.

Morgane Stum, Scientific Communications Marketing Manager

Morgane Stum, PhD
Scientific Communications Marketing Manager

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