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Artel offers a solid employee benefits package to keep you happier, healthier, improve wellness and productivity and create a supportive workplace culture.
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Artel provides exceptional service to its customers, reflecting a supportive, friendly and connected work environment for its employees.
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The Artel team brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and dedication that is fundamental to the success of the Company.
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Artel fulfills its purpose by partnering with life science laboratories working to deliver solutions to life’s major health challenges.
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Our passion and commitment for service go beyond our doors and spread into supporting our local communities.
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Artel is a place where you can learn and grow personally and professionally. The company culture comes from the top down and facilitates a positive work environment where all are valued and trusted, employees are engaged, and the work is meaningful. There is nothing better than working with a team that is dedicated to producing quality products while truly enjoying each other’s company.

Laboratory Applications Specialist & Product Manager

Emily Legere
Laboratory Applications Specialist & Product Manager

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If you’re looking to join a team that motivates and inspires you and want to use your talents to help life science laboratories find solutions to major health challenges, consider Artel.