Providing data integrity, regulatory compliance, and workflow efficiency since 1982

Artel offers innovative products, services, and expertise to help life science labs meet their objectives for excellence.

At Artel quality isn’t just a concept, it is an idea that we live by. See how a dedication to excellence, innovation, and service lies at the heart of what it means to be a part of Artel.


Artel products and services are the result of highly successful cross-disciplinary teamwork.  In addition to our collaborative and successful leadership, the Artel team includes metrologists who turn excellence into an art,  field applications and support experts who approach service as a science – all of whom embody our commitment to quality, data integrity, and workflow efficiency.

Every single employee at Artel is a valued member of a collaborative and supportive team, both within their department and the company at large. Everyone works together toward the common goal of providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. It is incredibly fulfilling to work for a company where your contributions and hard work are acknowledged and appreciated. I look forward to many more years of personal and professional growth at Artel.

Kaziya Lee, Laboratory Application Specialist at Artel.

Kaziya Lee
Laboratory Applications Scientist

Working at Artel

Artel’s people make significant contributions to the speed of development of new pharmaceutical products, the dependability of clinical diagnostic results, the accuracy of forensic tests, and the containment of healthcare costs. Are you ready to be part of the team?

We offer:

• A supportive, team-focused company culture

• Opportunities for professional growth and career advancement

• A work environment that motivates and inspires


Artel’s commitment to service begins with the life science community, but it doesn’t end there. As a company and as individuals, we volunteer in and support a number of local service projects that we find personally meaningful.

Our community service projects include:

• Providing disaster relief

• Cooking and serving food at a local teen center

• Supporting the local animal refuge league

Artel is a place where you can learn and grow personally and professionally. The company culture comes from the top down and facilitates a positive work environment where all are valued and trusted, employees are engaged, and the work is meaningful. There is nothing better than working with a team that is dedicated to producing quality products while truly enjoying each other’s company.

Emily Legere, Laboratory applications specialist and product manager at Artel.

Emily Legere
Laboratory Applications Specialist & Product Manager

News & Events

With a team that’s always looking for ways to improve quality and workflow efficiency, Artel is constantly evolving. Scroll down to see how and stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Artel.

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